From Broadway to the Wicker Man (2nd Floor)

(The 2nd Floor is used for a series of temporary exhibitions)

The exhibition From Broadway to the Wicker Man will herald the reopening of the Museum. It will be a short survey of our concept of ‘wayside archaeology’, and will tie in a variety of artefacts and ideas.

Beginning on a street corner of Broadway in Lower Manhattan, the exhibition considers a series of pieces of wood. From timber to wicker, from street corners to lay-bys, we wonder what makes something collectible?

In response to Dr Lattin’s visit to New York in 2016, we invite loans and donations of ‘pieces of NYC’, the smaller the better!

We also will consider the appeal of lay-bys (or rest areas) as a places of contemplation rather than mere stopping points. And knitting together the world city and the rural wayside, we ask how can a connection between them help us better appreciate the everyday, wherever we are?

Here’s a draft of the exhibition

-We begin in New York, on Broadway, a street synonymous with the theatre (or theater) and all the associations it brings. Broadway is so well-known that there is also ‘off-Broadway’ and ‘off-off-Broadway’ to describe smaller theatres in New York. While these classifications are themselves worthy of further investigation, we must leave them by the wayside for the moment.

-The piece of wood collected on Broadway in 2016 (photograph tbc) presents a problem for the exhibition. If we are simply to present things found on the street (be it pavement or country road), we are setting a firm curatorial rule that we relinquish control of what we can show. Not wanting to delve into a surrealistic or ironic inversion of what is ‘worthy’ of display, we need a broader view.

-That broader view is to move away from a scientific classification of ‘discarded things’ to a more creative appreciation of the wayside in all its forms, and how others have reacted to it.

-There also needs to be room for excursions to other places, for other people’s views which might not always seem thematically possible.