Permanent Collection (1st Floor)

This is a series of displays and objects which constitute the Museum’s Permanent Collection.

As we don’t yet have a permanent collection, and are a little wary of establishing one, at the moment it is a place to reflect on the state of museums today.

-Why is this Museum needed now?
This question is a starting point. It’s useful when visiting other museums, for many seem to have lost their way a little, particularly if they have large historical collections.

An answer? To communicate those things and ideas not found in other museums or museum-like places. This is not so much a journey into obscurity or esoteric things, but more phenomena which has been left by the wayside, either physically or mentally.

Another answer? To communicate things and ideas in a manner which is accessible to all, both in terms of the language and visual means of presentation. Museums should not be textbooks, but places where knowledge can prompt curiosity and engage attentions.