Information Desk

The Museum does not (yet) exist as a physical location, yet in building its website, I am at the same time creating a blueprint for it.

So here is a draft plan for the Museum

Ground Floor – Home Page
A reception area, with some information and directions to other parts of the Museum. A place for some news updates and social media links.

An information desk, or About and History section, which sets out the purpose and aims of the Museum, and some details about Dr James Lattin.

The shop, which mainly sells publications and has its own separate website.

It might be nice to have a few objects on this floor as well, to give people a feel of what to expect.

First Floor – The Permanent Collection
I can’t actually think of anything to go into here, which is a worrying sign. There are plenty of historic artefacts but I feel they should go into the upper floors. Maybe I’ll just start with a small table or shelf with a theme…

Second Floor – Temporary Exhibition
This floor is empty at the moment, which provides a good place to lay out things and have heaps of things. In due course it will be the place to present a series of themed exhibitions. Sometimes this will be dedicated to other museums with a similar ethos.

Third Floor – Research Offices
This floor contains a series of rooms which I imagine looking somewhat like Fox Mulder’s office in the FBI basement. They are not open to the public but there is a summary of research areas available, and an idea of future plans and directions.

There are also offices for Dr James Lattin (museum curator) and the Imaginative Press.

Fourth Floor – Historic Collections
Here are some objects and displays from the Museum’s past. I’m actually not that sure whether this floor is needed as I don’t want to have a lot of historic things. Yet in doing so there is the potential to create a ‘museum-within-a-museum’, an tantalising prospect!