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The Department of Rural Typologies

Understanding different things in the countryside

The Department of Rural Typologies is focused on the study of what one might call everyday rural phenomena, such as gates, stone walls, hedgerows, piles of stones and telegraph poles. The Department's aim for 2015 is to build up a photographic catalogue of such occurrences which will then become the foundation for further research and exhibition.

The Department is also a member of the British and Irish Institute for the Classification of Rural Artefacts (BICRA).

Strands of Research

Gates are a common occurence in and around Angarth, with many of them being known locally as Aegyptian Gates.

Stone walls have been built for many hundreds of years, and different examples of them can be found all over the British Isles.

Hedgerows are in a state of change, from season to season, and often at the risk of destruction. They have witnessed some of the most important events in our history, but what do we know about them?

Piles of stones appear to have less purpose than stone walls, yet can often be seen around Angarth's countryside, suggesting buildings which may never have existed.

Telegraph poles are something many of us would like to see less of, yet they have become part of the landscape ever since the 19th century.