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Room 75 - A History of Angarth in 100 Objects

A different view of a familar place

Room 75 has a variety of objects and displays about the town of Angarth, highlighting its connections around the rest of the United Kingdom and further afield. You can also see some photographs of Room 75 from the Museum's September 2015 exhibition here.

These include:

The Judley Bequest: Antiques and antiquities once found at Judley Hall
Shells from the Great War: Collected by Bertrand Judley at the end of the 19th century
The Vanishing Isle: The first major survey of this infrequent island
St Otto of the Hedgerows: Important medieval figure in and around Angarth

Matchbox Trading Rings: Small things exchanged around the world
Angarth's Lost Railways: Introduction to journeys a long time ago
The Legend of Valsgarth: Was Angarth founded by Viking princes?
Von Boring and Bustamante: Two unusual visitors to Angarth

Video tour of Room 75

Dr James Lattin gives a short tour of Room 75 below. There is also a forthcoming catalogue from the Imaginative Press.