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Room 42: The Postcard Archive

Understanding the world of postcards

The Museum has an extensive collection of postcards, which come from a series of other collections which no longer exist. One section is a variety of postcards found at Judley Hall. Another comes from the personal collection of curator Dr James Lattin.

The Museum's interest in postcards is twofold; firstly postcards as an example of collecting; why do we find certain designs of interest and others dull? Secondly, as the basis for a new Handwriting Archive, itself a separate (yet connected) Museum project.


In June 2016, the postcard archive was temporarily installed in a bathroom in South-West London. Read all about it here!

Explore the online archive today

Below is an index to the different postcard collections, the organisation of which is inspired by the rooms of Judley Hall in which they were found. Click on a room to see all of its postcards.

The Old Dining Room (42a)
Family Tombs (42b)
Percy's Storeroom (42c)
The Rembrandt Room (42d)
Ravenscroft (42e)