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The Imaginative Pamphlet Series

Baeldan: a lay-by and its world

In this short examination of a lay-by near Angarth, Dr James Lattin considers its history and the types of activity that may have taken place there. Find out more about Baeldan here.

From A to B via Wygarth: the Judley Drawer

What do we keep in drawers? In this brief study of the contents of a drawer of Judley Hall, Dr James Lattin excavates an overlooked area. Read all about it here.

The Lost Railways of Angarth

Whatever happened to Angarth's railways? Dr James Lattin examines the history of this once-flourishing branch line through some of the objects associated with it. All revealed here.

The Judley Bequest

A groundbreaking new survey of the stories behind some of the valuable artefacts which once resided in Judley Hall. Read all about it here.

Aegyptian Gates: Pathways to Understanding the Western Borderlands

Dr James Lattin surveys the phenomena of Aegyptian Gates in and around Angarth. In production.

Some forthcoming titles