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The Atlas of Ei'Grayne

An Atlantic Archipelago

The Ei'Grayne Archipelago lies in the northern Atlantic Ocean, stretching between Europe and North America. It consists of islands both large and small, habited and unhabited, historic and forgotten.

The Department of Rural Typologies is undertaking a cartographic survey of the archipelago, which began in 2015. So far we have surveyed 13 islands, 3 in detail. Some of this work formed part of the Museum's North American tour, in which we visited (among other places) the island of Ei'Plana, home to one of the corners of the Flat Earth.

Mapping the Archipelago

The first map of the archipelago, divided into two halfs, is reproduced below. It is however, subject to change and alteration. Paper copies are available in the Museum giftshop, including a special folding edition which also contains information about the locations.