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The Museum's Collections

The Museum of Imaginative Knowledge has a wide range of collections.

Cross Border Cultures

The largest of these are dedicated to the towns of Angarth (Room 38) and Wygarth (Room 39). Situated on the English-Scottish border, both of these towns have detailed histories which have largely been forgotten.

Most of the collection comes from local area including Judley Hall a country house which is in state of serious disrepair, but has an excellent collection of heirloom detritus. Further information on Angarth is available in the recently opened Room 75.

Other Thematic Concerns

The Museum is host to several thematic collections, including the Postcard Archive (Room 42) and the Handwriting Archive.

The Department of Rural Typologies (opened in 2015) provides a research centre for a variety of rural phenomena such as gates, walls, hedgerows and groups of stones. The Centre for Non-Objective Research provides an outlet for many phenomena which cannot easily be categorised into the existing Museum collections.

New Wygarth and K Roy Wethermaster

The Museum also has a small but growing collection concerned with the United States of America. This includes both the town of New Wygarth in Pennsylvania (Room 87) as well as the K Roy Wethermaster Collection of Internet Archaeology (Room 88).

Nova Angarth

Continuing the theme of connections within the English-speaking world, the Museum is home to a very small (but expanding) collection from the town of Nova Angarth in New Zealand.