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The Burley Briefcase

Lost in Las Vegas?

This briefcase has a hard plastic shell and an internal capacity of two cubic feet. It has two locks and and several internal compartments. It was most likely manufactured in the late 1970s at the Samsonite factory in Denver, Colorado. It forms part of a collection of objects found in the car belonging to Eustace Judley in Burley, Idaho in 1981.

It partly complies with the Hollywood cliché in that it is full of banknotes. Yet despite being found in the United States, the briefcase is full of £1 notes issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland. There are 52 bundles of notes, and the total value is likely to be around £2,500. It is unclear whether the briefcase was originally full of dollar bills, and what purpose it served. Given Eustace Judley's links to the film industry, this may in fact be a misplaced prop from one of the movies in which he had a minor role, such as Massacre Time and Kill Them All And Come Back Alone.

One further explanation is that the briefcase may have belonged to a local Angarth businessman and have been mistakenly donated to the town's museum. Once items have been placed in the museum archive, there is no cataloguing of them, and so the provenance of many artefacts is unclear. It certainly resembles the type of briefcase common in the North-East Atlantic Isles in the 1970s.