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Royal Boxer Shorts

Possibly a pair of princely pants?

This pair of boxer shorts was left behind at Judley Hall by a guest in the mid-1990s. From a study of the visitor's book and local newspapers, one of the the guests may have been HRH Prince Andrew, who stayed at Judley Hall in 1997. He was on his way back from Glamis Castle and while he only spent a day in the local area, he opened the new Wygarth Swimming Pool and visited the shrine at Ridley Abbey.

In 2010, the disclosure of US intelligence in the Wikileaks controversy revealed a meeting between US Ambassador to Kyrgzystan Tatiana Gfoeller and Prince Andrew in which he is quoted as saying: “The Americans don't understand geography. Never have. In the UK, we have the best geography teachers in the world!”

From this evidence, it is therefore likely that the pants belong to Prince Andrew. While it is more common for royal formalwear to have been preserved and shown to the public, royal underwear is often absent from such displays. The boxer shorts remain unclaimed, but represent “an important milestone in the history of underwear” as stated by historian Hilary Wye in her 2008 study Pants: A New Social History.