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Baeldan - a Lay-by and its World

Baeldan, or AN1/16, is a lay-by near the town of Angarth. Like all other lay-bys in the United Kingdom, it has yet to receive any detailed archaeological investigation. Dr James Lattin, curator of the Museum of Imaginative Knowledge, has therefore decided to undertake a sustained piece of research into Baeldan, the initial conclusions of which are presented here.

A double pothole: caused by a very heavy vehicle or just poor road maintenance?

Not so filling: this abandoned sandwich will never be eaten

Are these tread marks evidence from a local crime scene?

Baeldan’s bin: both unshapely and underused

Could this cigarette end have been discarded by a smoker in a hurry?

Some concluding remarks

The key findings are that Baeldan is uninhabited, yet receives around 15-20 visitors every day. It is also a rich source of contemporary rubbish, and its road surface is in average condition. Its past history is unclear – there are no records of what used to occupy the site. Finally, it is likely that Baeldan has been the site of criminal activity in the past, most likely a variety of motoring offences.