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The Discovery of America

Rooms 5-9: The Discovery of America

In 2016, Dr James Lattin took the Museum of Imaginative Knowledge to North America, and Rooms 5-9 will hold the artefacts and information found in the New World. The tour of Canada and the United States involved several elements including:

**Exhibiting the Museum's collections. Unfortunately the Royal Boxer Shorts were left in Angarth for conservation reasons

***Education and International Outreach. Or just explaining what imaginative knowledge looks like.

**Research and Collecting. With all the constraints of Economy Baggage Allowances.

Key Discoveries, one at a time

So far, Dr Lattin has categorised the tour into several new rooms:

Room 5 - Museum Highlights. Fond recollections of the Museum's visited by Dr Lattin, in alphabetical order.

Room 6 - Legends of the Urban in New Amsterdam

Room 7 - The Frustration of the Spheres, an introduction to the island of Ei'Plana. Includes an interview with Dr Iris Taylor of the Museum of the Flat Earth

Room 8a - Curbism and Its Forms in the New World. Includes an analysis of the Runaway Rest Area as well as an exhaustive list of the rest areas visited by Dr Lattin.

Room 8b - Nova Angarth and the Everyday Object. A tour of things encountered in New England.

Room 9 - The Nordic Lake and other Archaeological Failures.

Further information relating to the island of Ei'Plana can be found in the Atlas of Ei'Grayne